Confirmed: Zainal Sapari is definitely the guy for low-wage workers

Zainal Sapari

After speaking at the Budget Debate and the Ministry of Manpower’s Committee of Supply, you can be sure that Labour MP Zainal Sapari knows his stuff about low-wage workers and is truly their hero in parliament.


Here’s why:

1. He talks with experience

“I also had come across many workers, during NTUC’s employment seminars, lamenting why their salaries were not increasing every year or why their employers are not giving them 13th month bonus.

There are many Singaporeans who work in the low income sectors who are facing stagnating wages and have resigned to the fact that their situation cannot change.”

2. He’s knows what needs to be done



“Skillsfuture’s outreach efforts towards low wage workers must be customised and targetted to suit the profile of LWW workers who are mainly matured with limited education. This is an area that the government can work with its tripartite partners.

Second, the respective sectors need to ensure there are current jobs to match the higher skills the workers have acquired through SkillsFuture training where workers must be comfortable in using technology. This can be achieved through job redesign in the clean, green and safe sectors.”

3. He seems to get what he asks for



In response to his suggestion to make procurement processes be more worker-centric, Senior Minister of State for Finance Indranee Rajah said:

“…rather than specifying headcount for security contracts, agencies could specify areas to be monitored and the response time expected of security officers in the event of an alert. This would enable tenderers to consider using technology and innovative deployment of their staff to support our efforts to raise productivity and raise wages in these sectors.”

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