Electing the common man

Shirwin Eu, Uber Driver by day or night and hopeful candidate forever.

Should we all throw our names in the hat? According to Shirwin, who unfortunately will not be gracing the by-election as a candidate and entertaining everyone else not from Bukit Batok, everybody should be able to contest as a candidate.

Everyone from the uncle that drives ah boy and ah girl to school every morning, or the auntie collecting cardboards and cans. Whilst it’s not a ridiculous notion, it would be overwhelming if there weren’t any barriers to entry and any Tom, Dick or Harry could run to be your new representative.

Clearly we would also like to weed out those who’d only want to contest for their own personal gain. Can you imagine Steven Lim sitting in parliament and offering all the other MPs eyebrow trimmings?


Especially with someone like Shirwin Eu telling reporters this.

Reporter: Maybe you can tell us why you want to take part in this election?

Eu: “I like to be elected. I like to, eh, enjoy the fame and wealth of this job prospect.

Reporter: What can you do for the residents here?

Eu: “Erm, for the residents of Bukit Batok, I’m not sure what they really want. At this juncture, I do not know what I can offer. It depends on demand and supply.”

You see la, you ask for something that perhaps holds some water then you go and smash it all on the ground by saying you want the fame and wealth that comes with the job.


Bro, you ok not?

It’s a good thing then the Shirwin Eu will not be contesting in the by-election after failing to file any nomination papers.

Here’s a statement from the Elections Department:

Mr Sherwin Eu and Mr Kwan Yue Keng were at the Nomination Centre. Election officials explained to them the requirements and procedure under the law for nomination as an election candidate. Both individuals left after hearing the explanation without filing any nomination papers. 

Nomination proceedings are to ensure that only candidates who meet the legal eligibility and procedural requirements under the law stand for election. To be nominated as a candidate, the Parliamentary Elections Act states that, amongst other requirements, the candidate needs to duly fill up his nomination paper and be accompanied by his Proposer, Seconder and at least 4 Assentors whose names must appear in the current register of electors for the constituency when filing his papers between 11am and 12pm on Nomination Day. Candidates must also pay the election deposit before 12pm on Nomination Day.

We also heard HHH (Han Hui Hui) is making a cameo, so stay tuned folks.


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