Are you elite enough for this “Tinder”?

Are you an elite and only want to meet people of your stature?

Well, you’re in luck!

We’ve heard rumours that a new app that will soon be in the market. It won’t be made available for all, just the high flyers . So if you’re a rich kid on Instagram, or a lonely CEO featured on Forbes then this could be what you need.


Gone are the days of gold diggers, you’ll never meet someone out there only interested in your wealth. You’ll only meet people like yourself.

Fellow commoner-dominators who enjoy private jet rides across the ocean, being read to, sipping champagne, bathing in caviar, and whatever it is elites do.

The app is aptly called Ivory.

like Ivory Tower, yes.

Ivory is highly sought after and hard to get, just like the socialites it’s designed for.

“Ivory was founded by “two Anglo-Chinese school boys and a random angmoh” – a Singlish term for Caucasian. The founders, who want to stay anonymous for now, claimed to have put in US$52,000 of their own money.

It turned out they were angling for controversy all along. “We’ve taken some good PR lessons from Kim Kardashian,” said one of the founders.”

Well it’s also a great thing for all of us common folk out there. At least you know who’s NOT on your lowly dating app; they’ve migrated to the Ivory Tower.

Or, as this Facebook user beautifully puts it:

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 9.01.47 PM

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