Parent not happy that child must take test instead of go overseas

So ITE has decided not to move their exam dates for students going overseas for a CIP trip.

This post was making its rounds after a social media news site stated that ITE was being unfair by prioritising tests and exams over real world learning experiences.


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While I’m all for learning beyond a text book and  a classroom, there are certain things that just don’t seem sensible. Like proposing a school change its test dates because a couple of students are going overseas for a CIP trip.

What about the other students?

They have to accommodate your child and its precious wants?

The post was contributed by a reader of the site, who’s also the mother of a student that’s going for the overseas trip to China.

CIP (community involvement programmes) are an integral part of the education system. Students are required to clock in a certain amount of hours as part of the enrichment programme. Some programmes offer students the opportunity to travel out of the country to needy countries to help make life better.

However there are also other programmes that do not require students to travel out of the country. There are many organisations in Singapore that could use the help of students.

The contributor writes that it’s unfair of ITE and that its simply easier and so convenient to just shift a test date for the students that are going on the overseas trip.

Look missy, your child is not a primary school student. A tertiary student is given more flexibility and room to decide for themselves. So they should have enough knowledge, time management and proper decision making skills. If you know you’ve got a test coming up and a CIP trip that clashes with it, then make a decision. If you make the wrong choice then live with it and move on.


Unless of course your child lives under your skirt.


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