Helping our youths be career ready


In an earlier article, Tampines and Labour Movement MP Desmond Choo told us this about younger workers: ““Don’t just take employees for what they are – also help them achieve their best. If they feel that the employer treasures employees growth, they will also feel to contribute for you.”

Desmond is the voice of young workers. He represents Young NTUC, a movement that advances the interests of young workers.

Yesterday, Desmond Choo proposed two initiatives to improve employment for youths: Industry-led integrated career counselling and an apprenticeship (rather than an internship) system.

“The Ministry of Education can partner the Labour Movement in the latter’s broad economic representation to guide our youths in choosing the right paths. And the Government can have the Labour Movement to run their career counselling services,” he suggested.

“This then allows students the opportunities to tap on the unions’ extensive network to understand jobs through industry networking, workshops and workplace visits. Post-graduation, this relationship continues seamlessly into the Labour Movement’s network of career development opportunities.”

Mr Choo pointed to the German and Swiss model of apprenticeship as a means to better equip youths with industry-relevant skills for work.

“Can the Government consider further incentivising companies, especially promising SMEs, to start apprenticeship schemes as opposed to just internship programmes commonly implemented today?” Mr Choo said.

“Employees and unionists can be trained to become certified mentors and appraisers. And because students and workers know that what they learn is practical, they will more likely stay on the job.”

“We can create an ecosystem of continual upgrading that is truly win-win-win. In preparing workers for the future, a tripartite partnership is and will be an important catalyst.”



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