Jetstar’s new shiok flights

Jetstar is embracing part of the Singapore culture.

We look at ourselves sometimes and we think, what culture we truly have as Singaporeans. What’s truly ours? The Chili Crab, the Yu Sheng, the incredible amount of rules and fines? Sure, they’re all Singaporean in a sense. Singlish however, now that unites us.

You try, go a day without speaking Singlish, it’s actually quite hard. From the way we speak, text, sometimes even in our emails, we can pull out hints of our colloquial dialect.

So Jetstar has epitomised this culture, and instead of shunning it like many would, they’ve embraced the idea of budget travelling in Singapore like it should. With Singlish.

It can be quite weird hearing a foreigner speak Singlish, but we always give them props for trying la.

Perhaps Jetstar can branch out and start providing Singlish tuition for foreigners.


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