Police Arrest Man Who Threatened to Blow Up Flat in Ang Mo Kio.

A man  was arrested this morning at Block 508 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8.


According to a resident in her late 50s who asked not to be named, the man who is supposedly a drug addict, threatened to blow up the flat with an open flame and a gas cylinder at around 7.30pm last night (31 March 2016).

Ang Hin Kee, a Member of Parliament for Ang Mo Kio GRC was alerted to the event and co-ordinated for police intervention.

Special Forces were called in to negotiate with the man until this morning to no avail.


The Special Forces were called in together with the Singapore Civil Defence Force and used special water jets to hose him down as a precaution in case he set himself ablaze.

“The Special Forces were armed and ready to kill the antagonist. I thought it was quite smart that they worked with the Civil Defence to hose him down instead. The man had an incinerating device next to the gas cylinder, so I can see why they used water”, said a resident of Blk 508.

The man was arrested around 10.30am.

More details to come.


10.30am – The culprit has been apprehended following a face-off with police and the civil defence. 

He has been handed over to the Central Narcotics Bureau for investigation.

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  1. Why is the guy on the left in the 1st picture wearing what looked like a pair of track shoes while his other team members were on their boots?
    They werevin such hurry till he forgot putting on his boots?

    And also why these same 2 special force officers not wearing shin guards like that other 2 officers seen in the last picture when they apprehended the antagonist?

    1. Maybe you should know the difference between our STAR TEAM and our SOC unit before pointing out stupid things like that.

    2. STAR unit and SOC. 2 different specialist forces hence 2 different sets of tactical gear. Do your research.

    3. What’s your problem Wil?? U must b damn free to pick on all this tiny detail.. Do u have a problem with our forces!! Hope this guy is staying next to u..grown up pls!!

    4. Bloody empty vessel shit stirrer. Typical no life keyboard warrior asking allowance from mommy and complaining about living conditions but not willing to do productive things to change society. So complain about irrelevant things. Waste of sperm. You should have been swallowed.

    5. There are two groups of people here. The first picture shows the STAR team guys. These are the ‘genuine’ special forces guys who are trained to do hostage rescue, ship-boarding, they can also dive etc. Being an elite force, they may be activated anytime, they can even turn up in t-shirt and jeans at times. So no big deal…

      The other photos show the guys from SOC’s PTU, these are the multi-purpose riot police + first responders. They are wearing riot gear that’s why the shin guard and shields, etc. They are first-responders to any armed incident, following which STAR will take over and do the real work. After the operation is over, PTU takes over again and handle the miscellaneous.

      You can think of it as STAR is the ‘precision surgeon’ to get the job done.. PTU are the ‘GP and nurses’.

    6. Do you even know a tract shoe ,,someone who are train and do best what they are train for,can you do better?

    7. Dear Wil… I wanted to day more but… the guys have already done all the talking… Just please understand the situation… Special Units (no matter which service) are always on 24 hours standby. They can go about doing their daily routine and whatever. So when they get called up, they have to respond in a certain time frame. They don’t wear uniform if they are out of camp or base as their identity need to be kept safe. This is to prevent revenge strikes on their families or themselves. Especially so for Commando Special Units. PTU are those guys with the Red Beret or as our older generations would call the “ang cha” unit.

    8. You must be So unaware of it all. Special Forces are allowed to wear those tactical shoes, all around the world and in Singapore as well. Even our Commandos use it.

    9. How ignorant. It’s a tactical trainer which has the same purpose as a pair of tactical boots. Even our own SAF SOTF wears them so what’s the issue? Didn’t they get the job done?

    10. yo Will, nothing wrong asking. in fact thanks for asking. shown me some even more bo liao ones. its good to be curious on anything, rather then dont give a fuck

  2. Good job to both teams. Well done. I stay block facing the incident. Been watching it throughtout.
    The guy call name Wil…. pls grows up!!!! Stop asking irrelevant questions.

  3. Just to correct on some nuances. STAR and SOC are not Special Forces. Definition of Special Forces from Oxford Dictionary:
    “The units of a country’s armed forces that undertake covert, counterterrorist, and other specialized operations.”
    I can’t mention who are they but most of you guys should be able to guess.

    1. To that anonymous who wrote on 1st April 16 – 0928hrs, I’m a Regular from Singapore Armed Forces Commando.. STAR team are considered special forces (but strictly to Domestic Counter-Terrorism and Law Enforcement)) and on the other hand Under our Singapore Army within cdos we have CRF (Commando Regular Force, who specialize in Counter-insurgency) and SOF part of SOTF who work together with Navy’s NDU to fight Terrorism (Aka CT) and other unconventional warfare which the Police does not have the specialized equipment or skills..

      Hope that shed some light to the rest on what special forces is or are.. I’m from SF and I know my stuff

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