Popular Retail Brand Owner now doing delivery services…

Talk about restructuring and changing mindsets…and even a never-say-die attitude…


77th Street’s Elim Chew has ventured into logistics. And it’s not just normal logistics but done through an app to arrange for packages to be delivered within 90 minutes.

And why would you want to use an on-demand app which is called FastFast?

Two main reasons.

  1. It costs ($16) slightly lower than the market rate of about $20 to $30 for the same delivery services. 
  2. People who are in between jobs or retirees can have a job and earn an income.

With just four staff, the service is also growing fast. Since its launch in September, it has raked in $75,000 in sales.

“Through the app, people who are in between jobs or retirees can become a FastFast driver and earn an income. It also helps the small firms who may find it too costly to have their own full-time delivery staff,” Ms Chew, 49, told The Straits Times in a recent interview.


Around 4,500 drivers have signed up with FastFast, with another 1,045 undergoing training. In order to be a driver with FastFast, you need to have your own transport.

The service sees about 50 to 100 deliveries a day, from documents to flowers and cakes.

“We are also thinking of offering concierge services – running errands like picking up clothes from the dry cleaners,” Ms Chew said.

But what about her popular street-wear brand?


77th Street which had 16 outlets at one point is now down to just 2 stores.

According to Chew, the stores were shut over the years as rents were going up and manpower shortage was adding to their problems.

In the meantime, Ms Chew also hopes to partner big-e-commerce players like electronic retailers on express delivery services.

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