Rui En: Do you know who I am?

Huh? No meh?

Eh hello, she from Mediacorp ok!

Because being an actress from Mediacorp makes you an authoritative figure, and gives you unprecedented power.

Huh? No meh?
Huh? No meh?

Mr Bahrom Sarmiten heard a loud bang as he was approaching his motorbike. Lo and behold, his bike had fallen over after it was hit by a BMW that had also mounted the kerb in the process.

She also damaged both his motorbike and her car pretty badly.

rui4 rui3

He said he was petrified and thought the car would stop. When it did not, “I didn’t want the driver to run away, so I quickly rushed to stop the car. I also knocked on the window and told her not to move”, he said.

So she didn’t bother to stop, why the hurry?

He said he had to knock a few times, before the driver stopped. She tried to shield her face, before she put on a pair of sunglasses and emerged from the car.

According to him, she smelled of alcohol and the first thing she said was: “Do you know who I am?”

He said: “I really didn’t know who she was. But I thought, even if she’s a minister’s daughter, I don’t care.”

Let’s not hit and run from this fact right here, “the first thing she said was: Do you know who I am?”.




Look, even if you were Batman in the flesh, that doesn’t warrant you any special privilege for driving under the influence.

Unfortunately for Rui En, Mr Bahrom did not have an inkling who the “megastar” was. Even if you did know who the person was would you just let the person get away with it and carry on with life as if all was good in the world?

He said: “I really didn’t know who she was. But I thought, even if she’s a minister’s daughter, I don’t care.”

Mr Bahrom said Rui En hoped to settle things privately and offered him $2,000 in cash. But he refused because he did not think it would cover the extensive damage to his bike.

He said he would have said yes to more than $6,000 – enough for a down payment on a new motorcycle – and if she had sounded humble and apologetic. But he said she emphasised: “I’m giving you $2,000 and it’s not enough? It’s cash, you know?”

Second blow of the evening, “It’s cash you know?”. We’re just going to believe she only said these things because she was under the influence. So we’ll end this article with some free damage control for the Channel 8 star.


Next time don’t assume everyone knows who you are la. You usually only appear on Channel 8, go pick up a few roles on Suria and Vasantham if you want all of Singapore to know who you are la. And really, you think people will let you get away with drink driving just because you appear on TV?

Also a quick public apology, star in a PSA for an anti drink-driving campaign, and you should be out of the frying pan Rui En.


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