The Boy Who Dodged

So Amos Yee is still alive, does his mother know?

Amos your mother is looking for you. You probably know this la, she’s your mother after all. But it’s good to see you still so passionate about the things you’re passionate about.

I myself have always believed its great to have opinions, original ones. I’ve always believed it’s important to stand up for things, but then again my mother also said it’s best to not say anything if it’s nothing good or harmful to others.

But hey, you’re Amos Yee.

So what’s Amos done now? Nothing much, just flaming Christians.

You don’t have to watch it if you don’t want to, but yeah he’s up to the usual again. His videos are almost always the same.

The hair’s longer, maybe just like biblical figure Samson, Amos’s strength comes from his hair.

Also, go call your mother.


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