The Funniest Copycat Members of Parliament In Singapore

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On our tiny island of 5.5 million peeps, we have a grand total of 100 Members of Parliament (MPs) who sometimes irritatingly, like to copy each other (why ah?).

We shortlisted three copycat MPs for your weekend snorting pleasure and ranked them in order of our Funny Copycat Index, which comprises:

  • Lack of originality
  • How hilarious the outcome was
  • Ability to bluff others his/her idea came first


Copycat #3 -Denise Phua on bad choice of words

Jalan Besar MP Denise Phua recently pulled off a copycat stunt often used by other MPs to draw attention to themselves. This involves saying a highly catchy offensive soundbite that goes viral and out of context.

Denise Phua (more famous for being a disability activist) recently apologised for causing concern with her remarks on how “congregations of such high density are walking time-bombs and public disorder incidents waiting to happen“.



She follows other MPs such as:

Khaw Boon Wan on taking responsibility for one’s actions

Hardwarezone: #foreverquoted Khaw Boon Wan

“I learnt that some workers prefer to sleep without a mattress as they are used to it back in their home country.”

Vulcan Post: #IswearIdidnotsaythis #IwasonlyshowingoffhowIcanholdacrunchforanhour #itsallMOMsfault Teo Ser Luck’s photo on MOM Facebook Page included a pretentious quote he never said, added as a photo caption by some eager beaver MOM officer, which was later taken down 

Denise Phua’s copycat index:

  • Lack of originality: 5/10
  • How hilarious the outcome was: 0/10
  • Ability to bluff others her idea came first: 8/10 (even Khaw Boon Wan only spoke about housing migrant workers offshore, not walking time-bombs)

TOTAL: 43% 

Don’t worry Denise, you’ll be forgiven over the weekend!


Copycat #2 – Sylvia Lim supporting almost every other political party’s call for unemployment insurance

Aljunied MP Sylvia Lim, who reportedly won her constituency by a mere 100 votes, has finally decided to propose a redundancy insurance for unemployed retrenched workers.

The Ultimate Guide to Unemployment Insurance Proposals for Singapore
The Ultimate Guide to Unemployment Insurance Proposals for Singapore

SGHardTruth: The multi-party fight to talk about unemployment insurance just got a new contender

Well, she isn’t the first one to talk about it. Here is a list of other political parties who have spoken publicly about unemployment insurance.

Poor Sylvia Lim probably thought it was smart to talk about under-employment too, but Boon Lay MP Patrick Tay had already brought it up in his very first Parliamentary speech in 2011. Maybe she should just stick to instagramming food dishes.

Instagram: Sylvia Lim is more original as a food instagrammer

Sylvia Lim’s copycat index:

  • Lack of originality: 9/10 (1 point deducted for orh luak)
  • How hilarious the outcome was: 3/10 (only because Patrick Tay thanked her in Parliament for reiterating his calls)
  • Ability to bluff others her idea came first: 5/10

TOTAL: 57% 

Try harder Sylvia!


Copycat #1 – Louis Ng and his multiple portfolios

Tree-hugger Nee Soon MP Louis Ng has tried being a cleaner, healthcare worker, Grabcar driver, monkey-advocate, bird-protector, unofficial HPB spokesman and who-knows-what-next. It seems he can’t settle down for just one job like the rest of us.

Louis Ng
Louis Ng in a kio sai (clean shit) job

TODAY: Louis Ng gives us two fingers on what he thinks of only having one job

Other MPs have also been known to hold multiple portfolios such as directorships in other companies, so Louis Ng isn’t the first one to try more than one job.

Lily Neo
Lily Neo, the electrician

KnowYourMPS: Lily Neo tried to be an electrician for a day; she quit as her nails kept breaking

Our undisputed winner MP Louis Ng also speaks up for women, men and children, in addition to animals (#oneshotonekill copy every other MP liao!)


Louis Ng’s copycat index:

  • Lack of originality: 8/10
  • How hilarious the outcome was: 7/10
  • Ability to bluff others his idea came first: 9/10

TOTAL: 80% 

We congratulate MP Louis Ng on being the ultimate funny copycat winner!



We also take our hats off to Louis Ng as no other MP can beat him in the gusto he has in speaking up for resident animals, and doing the jobs of ordinary Singaporeans without getting paid (kio sai for free? siao ah?!!!)

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