Bukit Batok By-Election – Vote for Tharmbyah

(The article below is contributed by Unicorny Soldier)

Before I go on, let me just say that I am normally a lurker on the Internet. I do not comment on my friends’ walls, save for the occasional birthday wishes – and even that is limited to a very succinct “HBD, you old now”. I do no comment on any mainstream media platforms (there are too many trolls out there, my delicate ego cannot handle), nor do I create fake accounts to troll others. So why am I writing this now, putting myself out there for online trolls to own? Because I’ve pretty much had it up TO HERE with the Bukit Batok By-Election but there are so many things I want to say about both candidates. Since I can be a sparkly fairy unicorn on the Internet thanks to the magical cloak of web anonymity, I shall do that and give my 2 sparkles worth on both Chee and Ah Mu (not to be confused with Ah Bu, your mother).

Team Chee Soon Juancheereturn3-760x506

(Thumbs up, man! Source: http://adriantan.com.sg/how-to-deliver-a-speech-like-dr-chee-soon-juan/)

1. Forgive Roy Ngerng for heckling children
Firstly, this is the guy that said we should forgive Roy Ngerng and Han Hui Hui’s bad behaviour at Hong Lim Park in 2014 where they terrorised some children because “freedom” means having the “freedom to make mistakes”. Just remember that this man is the leader of a political party and what he says is a reflection of the party’s position. Isn’t it a bit selfish and self-serving of him to issue that statement before checking with the top members within the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP)? Because obviously there were some that disagreed with him (Remember his ex-SDP protege Jeremy Chen?).


2. Chee, himself, and he
Why didn’t he let the other guy who was running in Bukit Batok last year run? I would expect that guy to have walked the ground during GE2015, giving him a headstart over Chee? And if he had been consistent with his walkabouts, he would have established himself as a familiar face among residents right? (Oh his name is Sadasivan Veriyah)

Also, there are others within the SDP that would have given the PAP a run for their money too, namely Paul Tambyah. Tambyah is reputable and well-liked in the medical community, has a clean record and stellar qualifications, and has not yelled at any Prime Ministers nor taken any university funds to run errands for his wife. He would have been the perfect candidate.

How did the SDP council decide on Chee instead of this fine specimen of a man? Or were they even given a chance to vote?

Paul Tambyah

3. The political Wanderlust
You guys, Chee Soon Juan really cares for all Singaporeans y’all, he cares for you in Marine Parade, you in MacPherson, you in Jurong, you in Holland-Bukit Timah and now you in Bukit Batok. We know that because he contested in all these places over 5 GEs. This guy change constituencies more than I change girlfriends.



Why would anyone want to vote for this political opportunist? Like an adventurer in an RPG game, you know he’s just going to take a rest at your town’s nearest inn and if you don’t vote him in as mayor, he’s going to be on his merry little way to see if the next town will let him be mayor.

Team Murali Pillai
murali pillai

1. The mouse
I hate to pick on this guy for being meek. But this guy is just too damn meek. Everyone’s louder than him – DPM Tharman, Grace Fu, and even Madam Halimah. Oh yes, let’s not forget the extra Tan Chuan Jin. Stop relying on DPM and Jurong Town Council, stand up for yourself and scold someone!


2. He left, and came back
I don’t stay in Bukit Batok, so I don’t know how Bukit Batokians feel but I can only imagine that it feels like your boyfriend left you for another girl, found the girl gross, then came back to you again. Whether or not Batokians will accept him back, well, we’ll see.

3. Vote me in or you won’t get nice things
Ok we know that Ah Mu has explained the difference between the Neighbourhood Renewal Project and the S$24 million masterplan but I hope this serves a reminder to the Men in White. Fear tactics don’t work. Your people will loathe you for it. Stick to local problems and solving local issues and the people will see that.

Personal unpopular opinion? Don’t vote for both.

Instead, consider this. Tharman is the best in that area and Tambyah is the best in SDP. So I say they should join forces, and we should vote them both into Bukit Batok!

Vote for Tharmbyah!



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