There’s no room for nudity in your house


A man shatters the peace in Pasir Ris without the use of his clothes.

Around 10 irate neighbours had gathered outside a unit on the fifth floor at 6pm and starting shouting at the unit occupant, Lianhe Wanbao reported, demanding that the man exit his house.

The group had caused such a ruckus, demanding for the man that other neighbours had to call in the police. The man had refused to leave his house throughout the entire ordeal, resulting in one of the mob breaking a tile and tossing a shoe at him. That man was later arrested by the police.

The cause of the hate mob; they didn’t like his thong.

In a modern day where curtains and blinds exist, neighbours, especially the women are distressed that a man has been wearing a thong and smoking by the window. On occasion where he sees another neighbour staring at him, he tries to get more attention by raising himself a little higher by standing on tip-toes.

It is true that this man has a pretty disgusting hobby. After all we do have the internet and webcams and what not for all those folks with different strokes. I have no idea what wearing a thong and standing by the window would do for you, but I’m never one to judge.

However it is his own house isn’t it? I know there are laws and what not stating that we should draw the curtains and such to prevent ourselves from being stomped, or was it something to do with being a decent human being?


Either ways, I bet some of these neighbours would be shouting different things if it was Song Joong Ki or David Beckham wearing a thong or standing at the window. Even more so, I strongly believe there’d be a different kind of mob if this thong wearing person was a female instead.

Andrea Fernandes photo of a flasher on the London Underground
Andrea Fernandes photo of a flasher on the London Underground

So different strokes for different folks. The bottom line is, keep your thongs to yourself, unless you’re Song Joong Ki, David Beckham or a woman.

There I’ve said it, everything all of you wanted to say.


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