Parliamentarians FC

Peter Lim owned Spanish Club to take on MPs in football match.

Valencia CF is a Spanish club, a sleeping giant to most. They had their days of glory back in the early 2000s with the likes of Pablo Aimar, Gaizka Mendieta and David Albelda. Two of whom will be coming as part of the Valencia Legends.


They’ll be in Singapore to take part in a charity tournament, Football With a Heart, held at the National Stadium later this year. It’s usually pretty tough to take the limelight away from the footballers at such an event, but it looks like it has been done.


Amongst the competing teams, will be a team made up Members of our own Parliament. It’ll be captained by Teo Ser Luck himself, which makes sense as he is after all one of our youngest MPs. It’s going to be a spectacle for many, possible being split into two camps. Those that honestly back their MPs to a fault and those that would love to see how much of a laugh they’ll be able to get out of it.


There’s no doubt in my mind that more than one meme will come out from this event and Team Parliamentarians will definitely be a feature.

The celebrity league will also include teams featuring senior officials from government agencies, Fox Sports commentators and Mediacorp artistes, including popular actors like Zheng Ge Ping and Desmond Tan.


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