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Crying foul because Amos Yee has his passport impounded.

It was reported that Amos Yee was arrested again on the 12th of May. Many are tired of hearing about this boy who constantly drags his own name through mud just to get attention, but there are somethings that we should really look at before we try and lay this kid to rest.

It’s annoying to constantly write about him because it gives him the attention he needs, but it’s also annoying to see people keep crying over a kid who lacks the intellect or worldly experience to see things from anything outside of his own perspective.

Firstly, Amos is a myopic youth who feels that he is too big for his own shoes. He yearns for the audience and respect of his peers yet he speaks out against anyone who thinks differently from him. Much like Stalin and Hitler, although he lacks the will, desire and conviction as well as the grit to do anything of their monstrous calibre.

So the Singapore Police Force have taken away his passport after his arrest. Many compare him to Kong Hee. Kong didn’t have his passport impounded despite his lengthy trial.

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Here’s one great reason why.

Amos is a flight risk, he proved it when he fled the country and boasted about it. For all the movies and books this boy has claimed to watch he has failed to perform anything a “political refugee” would do, keep low.

He returns to Singapore, not to a different address but his own home. He’s either not very bright, very arrogant or lacks the resources to hide for long. We suspect he’s all three.

Secondly, the kid has been speaking as if the world is afraid to touch him. Really Amos, you haven’t warranted much to have your face on a wanted list anywhere. You’re a boy with a loud mouth, a great flair with words but a poor understanding of the build and make of society.

I shall wrap up this article because like many, I’m tired of speaking about this boy. He probably doesn’t deserve many things, but perhaps a stronger hand when it comes to parenting.



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