Rodrigo Duterte the Comedian

Rodrigo Duterte says his flag burning statement was nothing but a joke.

The Philippines are gearing up for an election and it seems their election campaigns hold a slightly similar twang to their former American masters. Rodrigo Duterte can be seen as the new Trump.


A man of convictions and a quick tongue. The man himself has been no stranger to controversy. In the past he has led Filipinos in burning a Singapore flag after we put to death a murderer who happened to be a Filipino maid. The maid was convicted of murdering her compatriot as well as a 4 year old Singaporean boy, seems a fitting punishment for a cold blooded killer. Not to Rodrigo Duterte, then mayor of Davao City.

Aside from his flag burning crusades, the mayor got involved in a hostage situation as well. Jacqueline Hamill was an Australian missionary in the Philippines when a gang of prison escapees kidnapped her and her group. They proceeded to rape and kill her, a brutal and horrendous act on another human being. Rodrigo Duterte didn’t think so. Last month, a YouTube video showed Mr Duterte joking that he should have had the first turn at an Australian missionary brutally raped and killed during a prison riot 27 years ago.


The presidential candidate has also cursed at the Pope who visited the Philippines a nation with a big Catholic following last year. He cursed at the Pope for the massive traffic jams his visit created in Manila. Smooth.

Duterte has also mentioned recently that he would burn the Singapore flag once again. After the Singapore embassy in the Philippines was looking into taking legal action against a meme that was circulating around, insinuating that the Singaporean government was endorsing Rodrigo Duterte.

Well the Americans and Australians have voiced their displeasure at some of the remarks from Duterte. Duterte obviously has said that he will sever all ties with them if he gets elected.


It’s a good thing this is all just one big joke though. Rodrigo Duterte is a comedian who jokes about rape, severing ties with nations, and burning our flag.

Good luck with your elections Philippines.


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