who else can we sue?

WAH! liddat oso can?!


A woman is suing Starbucks for more than US$5 million (S$7 million). Her claim: That the coffee giant is under-filling its iced coffees / teas (and other drinks) making customers overpay for beverages.

The woman, Stacy Pincus is accusing Starbucks, the world’s biggest coffee retailer of serving its customers “much less than advertised – often nearly half as many fluid ounces.”

“As a result of this practice, Starbucks’s cold drinks contain significantly less product than advertised, by design and corporate practice and procedure…”

Pincus says that since April 2006, she and millions of other Starbucks customers have been defrauded because Venti cup customers get only 14 ounces or 0.4 litres of beverage – the amount of liquid obtained when filling cups to the top line – even though menus state a 24-ounce total.

Pincus is also challenging Starbucks’s pricing, saying it charges more for cold drinks than hot ones. Full Story HERE.
For those of you thinking “is this for real?!”

But… don’t get too excited

This is happening in Washington and the woman is from Chicago.

It’s still giving us ideas tho.


Can we:

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 12.10.31 PM

  • Sue our telcos for promising us 12gb then taking it away and charging more for 2gb after that?
  • Sue women who wear push-up bras for false advertising?
  • Sue the hawker stalls that say 100% sugar cane but in fact dilutes it with ice?
  • Sue all potato chip companies for the 30% air
  • Sue bubble tea shops for more bubbles than tea?
  • Sue bubble tea shops for more tea than bubbles?


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