Who’s your inspirational worker?

What will you be doing when you turn 80?

Would you be one who stays at home and watch the world go by, or will you be the one who continues to work, because you want to?

And if you really want to work, will any organisation employ you at that age?


Meet 85-year-old Mr Goh Jeow Hong. Yes, you didn’t read wrongly, he is 85 years old! He works for Novotel Clarke Quay as a Technician-cum-Handyman.

Mr Goh is a trailblazer in his own right.

For more than 20 years, he had been using a Steam Boiler which is meant for certain operations within the hotel. He says operating the Steam boiler requires a certification before anyone is allowed to operate it.

But when laundry services were to be outsourced and the use of the boiler discontinued about 8 years ago, Mr Goh was determined to press on and continue working, even if it meant that he was to be transferred to another department at the age of 77.

“I had previous experience when I was a repairman and technician in the army and navy when I was younger,” said Mr Goh.

Mr Goh faced challenged speaking English, but he didn’t let the difficulty stop him from constantly practicing English with his colleagues.

Apparently, he received Novotel’s “Best Employee” Award last year and even did a presentation of himself in English.

Oh and that’s not the only award he received. He’s received an award for never taking medical leave for the past 15 years of working in Novotel Clarke Quay!

He says he take care of himself well and doesn’t like to see a doctor when he’s unwell.

Today, Mr Goh’s job entails handling paint jobs, basic carpentry and electrical work in the hotel. He is also in-charge of managing trainees from polytechnics or ITEs who come in for industrial attachment stints often imparting his skills to the trainees without reservation.


For his inspirational story and passion shown in his work, Mr Goh was recently given the ‘Inspirational Worker’ Award at the NTUC May Day Partnership Awards.

In fact, so passionate he is about his job that he told us that he would be heading right back to work after the awards ceremony.


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