Will you be obsolete at age 30?

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I read with interest this Vulcan Post article about how a “Mary” feared how she would become fast become obsolete at work even though she’s only in her early 30s.

More specifically I read with a tinge of sadness her reply to the question of “Can you roughly give me the overview of what digital marketing is and what it means?”

Her reply?

“Oh wow it’s quite broad, how do I start? There’s Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Content Marketing, Instagram ads, influencer marketing, YouTube, so on and so forth”, was her reply.

That’s actually quite a pathetically sad answer for someone who holds a marketing position for a luxury brand. I really did expect more…and I suspect so does the company she works for. She could have told us more about how she would approach specific target segments, more about the strategies to simultaneously speak to different audiences, how she intends to position the voice of her brand in a very noisy digital world. But no, all she did was throw out names of technologies she probably experienced as a consumer.

But in that answer, I also take heart knowing one fact: as long as you keep your skills sharp and approach your work with creative solutions, you’ll never be obsolete whatever the age.

You see, that’s the problem with a workforce that’s not interested in keeping themselves up to speed with the market. This could be in terms of skills, networks, market trends, new strategies – many of the people I’ve come across discard their education the day they land a job.

That is a dangerous approach.

That is the sort of attitude that would cause you to become obsolete by the time you’re in your 30s…and that is by no means an exaggeration given the amount of technology we have that could easily replace you. That and the number of hungry individuals both fresh out of school and fresh off the boat.

Have a read again at the Vulcan Post article. It describes why the government and the Labour Movement are very concerned about the employability of Singaporeans.

In these modern days, wage increases do not follow age. Working experience is also a dangerous thing to rely on. Ask yourself an honest question: were you merely working 10 years doing the same thing? Or did you in those 10 years understand how to change processes, implement new ideas and solve corporate problems?

The only way that executives can stay in good corporate shape is to always seek out new ways to sharpen their skills and expand their body of knowledge. To help workers do these things, the Labour Movement has been expanding its services and grow their partners networks around Singapore to help the different working groups.

These groups help executives seek out career development opportunities, training programmes, opportunities to network and opportunities to work beyond Singapore where they can be globally competitive.

With these in place, there is really no reason why you should worry about being made obsolete in your 30s.

The system is in place, the rest is up to you.



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