5 Ways Singaporeans Can Benefit From Brexit

UK Holiday

While the rest of the world is in panic, here are 5 ways you can leverage on Brexit.

crisis opportunity

1. Study in UK

Check out the top UK university rankings here. With UK degrees still being highly sought after, Brexit’s impact on the British pound just made your overseas education cheaper.

Employability rank University World University Rank
1 University of Oxford 2
2 University of Cambridge 4
=3 Imperial College London 8
=3 University of Manchester 56
5 King’s College London 27
6 London School of Economics and Political Science 23
7 University of St Andrews 86
8 University College London 14
9 University of Bristol 69
10 University of Edinburgh 24

2. Buy a UK property

The IMF predicts a downward property spiral (aka homes in UK will be more affordable for foreign investors).

Note that London prices are already pretty high in the first place, so you may want to do some homework first before committing.

UK property prices

3. Plan a UK holiday

With the exchange rate dropping to as low as S$1.80 per British pound on 24 June, you can try your luck at money changers this week and plan for your next holiday via cheap flights at Skyscanner.

UK Holiday

4. Shop UK brands

Although UK brands may increase prices due to the weakened sterling making their overseas manufacturing costs more expensive, consumers can still get a good deal for the moment.

The ASOS’s website which crashed on 24 July, is already up and running.


To take advantage of even more discounts, access the ASOS website via ShopBack which gives you cashback and discount codes.

5. Import UK brands

Buy British


Regardless if you’re a fan of UK food or fashion, consider importing your fav brands at a discount thanks to a strong Sing dollar and falling British pound.

Kate Middleton in Jenny Packham

We love this teal dress on Kate Middleton by British designer Jenny Packham, whose creations can be found in Singapore at Trinity Gallery.

Brexit can be scary because it’s never happened before, but why wait to be the last to benefit from it?

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