Social Enterprises: Another change on the way….

Labour chief Chan Chun Sing sure brings with him a wave of change.

Chan Chun Sing-1

Since stepping into the labour movement, he has made significant changes to the NTUC to expand its suite of services to meet the evolving needs of a diverse range of working people which includes a growing network of PMETs (Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians), Freelance and Self-Employed individuals, and also SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises).


And it doesn’t end there. NTUC’s social enterprises are also changing, to meet the emerging needs of an increasingly diverse population.

Changing social needs of Singaporeans


In 1969, the NTUC’s social enterprises were created to provide working Singaporeans with affordable products and services. And over the years, the network of social enterprises have grown to provide a myriad of services, both affordable and accessible to meet the many life cycle needs of Singaporeans.

However, a more diverse population also means that their needs would be different from before.

NTUC Social Enterprises did a survey among 1,600 respondents and found that the major social needs of Singaporeans in the next 10 years can be distilled into the following: cost of living, ageing, health and healthcare costs; and social mobility.


Hence, in his latest blogpost released yesterday (22 June 2016), labour chief Chan Chun Sing said that the NTUC will “be carefully looking into further developing our existing services and scaling our operations accordingly to make them accessible to more people in Singapore.”

social needs of singaporeans

Today, NTUC Social Enterprise said that it will look into pioneering new concepts and experimenting with new ideas within its social enterprises.

With the new competencies, the NTUC social enterprises can better respond to the future demands and needs of Singaporeans.

“Setting ourselves a higher goal: we don’t just want to be providing the services of today, but be pioneers in new concepts to meet the needs of tomorrow. We want to experiment with new ideas and be the catalyst for social change.” – Labour Chief Chan CHun Sing

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