The needs of the elderly are changing…but how are these needs met?


As the population in Singapore ages, the needs and demands of the aging population expands with a greater demand for elderly care and healthcare services.

According to the Ministry of Health, community healthcare services for the elderly may be provided at home or at a centre for those whose family are unable to provide care to the elderly.


The NTUC Health for example operates day/senior care centres, home care services, nursing homes, and senior activity and wellness centres.

But in this day and age, even such elderly healthcare services would have to be able to be expanded to be able to meet the evolving demands of consumers.

In May this year, NTUC Health opened its first nursing home at Jurong West to provide quality and affordable care and rehabilitation to seniors, who are unable to receive 24/7 care in their own homes.

This means that for working people who have elderly dependents who need elderly care, the nursing home can provide some form of help.

The nursing home is but one component of NTUC Health’s network of health and eldercare services. Through its comprehensive suite of services, NTUC Health is able to widen its social footprint to meet the different needs of seniors better and empower them to age in place.

But beyond eldercare and healthcare services, how else can the evolving needs of the elderly be met?

Meeting Social Needs

The NTUC’s group of social enterprises recently launched a new 10 year plan to transform itself to address the social needs of the future.


One way it will do this is to tap on the power of the group to provide a suite of integrated services to meet the evolving needs of Singaporeans young and old.

Another NTUC social enterprise, NTUC FairPrice for example opened a new enabled store, which provides elderly customers and those with disabilities with access to affordable daily necessities.


Labour Chief Chan Chun Sing in a recent blogpost made an important point about how the NTUC social entreprises should provide new services to meet emerging needs of an increasingly diverse and sophisticated population.

Surprisingly, this was also a similar point he made when he talked about how the NTUC is changing its services to meet the emerging needs of an increasingly diverse working people at this year’s May Day Rally.

Evidently, the needs of Singaporeans both young and old are changing, and it therefore demands the need for a evolution of services to meet those needs relevantly.

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