What A Parked Up Week In a Parked Up Place

Push towards public transport

Had a parked up week?

(based on Limp Bizkit’s Hot Dog)

Ladies and Gentlemen

The recalled Choklad Mork

Choklad Mork Ikea

And the heat against rising parking charges

URA HDB Carpark rates increase
Carpark rates increase

Bring it on
Get the park up
Check one, two

Listen up
Listen up
Here we go

It’s a parked up world
A parked up place
Everybody’s fooled

By their parked up McD craze

McDonald’s salted yolk burger

Parked up dreams
Parked up life
A parked up car
With a parked up price

Parked up moms
And parked up dads
Parked up lifestyle

With a parked up debt



Parked up job
With parked up pay

And a parked up Brexit


Is a parked up day

Parked up humps
And parked up jaywalkers
ERP’s in front

With the parked up drivers



(It’s on)
Everybody knows the drive against private cars is on
(It’s on)
Everybody knows the push towards public transport is on

Push towards public transport
Push towards public transport

Ain’t it a shame that you can’t say “Park”
Park’s just a word
And it’s all parked up

Like a parked up car
With a parked up tax

And by this Dec
Get knocked the park out

Parked up fines
From parked up failed appeals
Gone as the wind
Are parked up heartland deals

We’re all parked up
So whatcha wanna do
With parked up me
And parked up you?

You wanna park me in the MRT
You like to burn car owners’ wallets
You like to think that I will give up
Just know nothing you do so far
Will kill my dreams for a car

Cars still in demand
Cars still in demand

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