10 shocking confessions from people about their jobs

1. I hate my job but I am staying because I am secretly in love with my colleague.


2.  I will quit my job if they ever relocate. My current workplace is just a 5-minute walk from my home.

3. I dare not to leave my job because I am worried that I cannot find another job with my skill.

4. I only love my job because my boss allows me to work from home.

5. I feel like I am totally underpaid. 

6. I am staying in my job because they provide medical welfare for my son.job2

7. I am having an affair with a married colleague and no one in the office knows.

8. I love it when my sales performance beats my male colleagues. #GirlPower

9. I once sent a private and confidential document to my client instead of my boss because both their names are John*.  That document details our company earnings and profits. My boss still doesn’t know about it today.

10. I truly hate my job and I am only staying cause it pays the bills.job3

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