Deceased boatman left chilling message 17 hours before fire

The victim of the Marina Bay boat fire, identified as Ong Hock Long, who is in his 30s, left a a chilling message 17 hours before the incident.


In his last Facebook post, he asked his friends “If one day, I had an accident and I lost my memory, how are you gonna make me remember you?”

Maybe we don’t really die, we just go to a long sleep and we have to make the deceased remember who we are.

The boat that boatman Ong was steering caught fire last Tuesday evening. Video footage and eyewitnesses documented a man jumping from the burning vessel into the water.

Apart from Ong, there were no other reports of missing persons or injuries.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force reported that Ong’s body was retrieved. In a statement on Facebook, the SCDF told the public “The next-of-kin has been informed. Our condolences to the family.”


Update: The latest post on his Facebook page is information on his wake.


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