How to earn $0 being a Grabber driver (it’s not hard)

grab taxi

A story had been floating around the internet of one Mr. Chiang whom claimed to earn just $1700 after working a month as a Grabber driver. Chiang wanted drivers to know of the many charges, costs and overheads that one might not be aware of.

Although earning a $1700 salary, Chiang got himself involved in an incident on an expressway – one that required him to hit the emergency brakes. The passenger claimed whiplash against his insurer and it resulted in him having to foot $2000 in excess.

Advertisements tempting potential hirers with income of $10k a month are not uncommon. All that is required of you, says the marketing material, is hard work.

Netizen Aileen Azim gave a realistic perspective of this income:


So although it may sound like good money, do your math, use some financial prudence and think it through for yourself: would it be better to drive a private hire vehicle? Or to hire through an established firm such as Comfort-Delgro?



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