Employers, do you really care for your PMEs?


Yesterday, NTUC Assistant Secretary General and Director for PME Unit Patrick Tay gave an update on labour movement’s outreach to the growing pool of PMEs (Professionals, Managers and Executives).

He said that 370 out of 1,400 companies from 45 unions have expanded their scope of representation for PMEs.

While it may seem like a huge jump from the previous year’s figures (150 companies from 20 unions), it is still quite a small proportion.

The rate of growth of the number of companies expanding their scope of representation for PMEs is obviously not as fast as the rate of growth of the number of PMEs.


PMEs as humans have their own set of worries and concerns about their employment as well. And in this current economic and labour landscape, their concerns and worries could grow without representation by unions.

Surely, more can be done to increase the number of companies who have some form of union representation for PMEs.

Already the NTUC and its network of unions has evolved its its services to cater for the changing needs of PMEs.

It’s really now up to individual companies, both unionised and non-unionised to allow for unions to come in to represent their PME employees.

patrick tay

As Mr Tay said, it is especially critical now that unions receive more support from employers to ensue that the growing pool of PMEs is “adequately protected”, since the economic and manpower landscape remains volatile.

Employers may have a comprehensive suite of benefits and welfare for PME employees, or all employees for that matter, but when times are bad, and when there is a need to retrench workers, then union representation can definitely help to provide some form of protection and peace of mind.

Times are bad, as everyone says, so shouldn’t employers take their employees welfare another notch up by allowing unions to represent their employees?


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