Salary increase for bus captains…SO??



Singapore’s latest public bus operator entrant, Go-Ahead is going ahead to increase its Singaporean and permanent resident bus captains’ minimum basic salary.

With immediate effect, the minimum basic starting salary would be $1,950 per month.

But why is this significant?

What’s significant is that amid the weak economic backdrop, bus operators like Go-Ahead Singapore are willing to increase the starting pay of its employees.



Definitely, by offering a higher pay package for its drivers, the company, as well as the other bus operators, are signalling its desire to attract more workers to join them as bus captains.

To date, Go-Ahead has hired 655 bus captains, ahead of its target to hire and train 700 bus captains by the third quarter of the year.

The Sectoral Manpower Plan for the public bus industry has set a target to increase the current 9,200 bus captains by 30% to 12,000 over the next five years.



One of the ways it will do this, is to promote attractive benefits and career progressions pathways, which is exactly what the bus operators are doing by promoting attractive benefits to attract more bus captains.

Attracting workers in this difficult period can be rather trying. Hence, the need for attractive packages.

And in all the news of the public bus operators’ move to increase the salary of bus captains, there is a common thread that weaves them together – the involvement of the union.


According to news reports, the National Transport Workers’ Union (NTWU) had been in the discussions to deliberate on the salary packages of the bus captain with the companies.

Personally, I would be glad if someone had a heart for my peers and I, and spoke up for me to have my salary increased. Wouldn’t you?

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