Strawberry generation – the result of overprotective parents?

Zoo-phonics pre-school at Serangoon Central.PHOTO: FACEBOOK/ERIC CHEONG

If you have no idea what happened,

– Pre-school boy’s hair is longer than teacher’s “expectation on what constitute a near hair cut”.

– Teacher “humiliated” the child by making him wear a classmate’s hair clip.

– This act of clipping has subjected him to the laughter of the entire class.

– Boy told his dad that he felt like dying when the entire class laughed at him.

– Unhappy father is unhappy and posted it on Facebook, rallying help to share his post and to put a stop to such abusive behaviour in school.

– Facebook post includes others details of said incident which I will not share but if you are interested, you can check out the embedded post below.


– Teacher ended up suspended from duty with no additional information.

What the Internet thinks about this,

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You didn’t ask me but,

I do agree that a child’s mind can be rather fragile (especially these days, for some unknown reason) but is it necessary to go to the extent of getting a teacher fired?

To be honest, I feel that the punishment by the teacher isn’t that harsh.

And as parents, if we are going to fight all their battles for them, when will they be able to stand on their own feet and face the world themselves?

Are they going to kill themselves just because they get punished in the army or get fired at work? Are they going to kill themselves when they get teased by their classmates for being fat?

I clearly remember how I got punished in school when I was younger and my mum’s response was mostly, “Must be you create trouble in school again, right?”

I grew up fine (I guess) and now that I’m a Dad myself, I often tell my son that the world is not going to be easier on you just because you are weaker than others. The world will always be harsh and you just have to hustle and grow.

In all, could the teacher have handled this better?

Could the school management have done something else instead of simply suspending the teacher to “answer” to the parent and netizens?

What other possible actions can a parent take before being  “overprotective”?

Share your thoughts!

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