What’s your excuse?


I stumbled upon this picture taken by a friend on Facebook and I was moved by this. I do not know this lady, why she’s doing this… In fact I don’t even know where this picture was taken, when, who she was, but I was truly touched by it.


We often find ourselves saying this one time too often. That we are too old for this, and probably too old for that too.


Are we really too old for anything?

Are we too old to pick up a new hobby?

Are we too old to do the things we used to love doing?

Are we too old to learn new skills?

Are we too old to be employed?

Are we too old to get a new job?

I used to fear for my employability come the day when I’m 40 years old. (Though as of now 40 isn’t really too far away...) I worry that I would be too old for new jobs should I lose my job, or if the company folds when I’m in my 40s. What if my skills become obsolete or not good enough to match the fresh graduates asking for lower pay? Will there be any opportunities left for me?

I know recently (actually, not so recent anymore) that WDA launched the SkillsFuture programme where all Singaporeans above the age of 25 are given $500 credit to pick up new skills or learn new things, but I guess I was “too busy” to check it out properly. I have always had this thought of using the $500 at the back of my mind, but I have not made the move to sign up for any course because,

“Too busy.”

“Maybe later.”

“Perhaps when I am done with this project.”

Thanks to this old lady, I now feel totally inspired to start doing something now instead of making up more excuses for tomorrow.



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