Government accepts second set of CPF recommendations

So the Government today announced that it accepted Part II of the CPF Advisory Panel’s Recommendations.

In short, the panel recommends:

  1. An optional CPF LIFE plan which gives payouts that rise over time.
  2. An optional Lifetime Retirement Investment Scheme which is simpler and catered to CPF members who wish to invest but lack financial expertise, time and resources to do so.

In a nutshell, the recommendations are really member-oriented.

Here are 5 reasons why CPF members should be happy over the new recommendations:

1. Younger CPF members get more over time

Lifetime Retirement Investment Scheme will benefit Young CPF members

If you belong to the younger cohort of CPF members, this round of recommendations might affect you more as you would have a longer runway and more investible savings to take investment risks for a higher expected return with the Lifetime Retirement Investment Scheme.

Of course, older members can opt for the scheme.

2. Older CPF members get more too

CPF life plan will benefit older CPF members

CPF Life plan ensures that a member will never outlive his or her savings. Not only that, with escalating payouts at a rate of 2% with each passing year, the member should be able to cope with the rising cost of living if he or she lives longer.

3. The new CPF Life plan is optional

CPF life plan helps to ease members’ worries about inflation during retirement

The new payout plan is optional, and you can take it up if it meets your needs. If inflation during retirement worries you, this new option could be useful. And if you need more in retirement, you can keep working and defer your payout start age for higher starting payouts, or take up housing schemes, like the lease buy-back.

4. Lifetime Retirement Investment Scheme allows for low-risk investment

Lifetime Retirement Investment Scheme increases CPF savings

The LRIS is an optional scheme – you don’t have to choose it. You can continue to enjoy risk-free returns on your CPF money. But for those who are younger and prepared to take some risks, LRIS will help them to make more on their CPF savings.

5. Flexibility for members

CPF life plan helps to improve retirement adequacy

Part II of the recommendations provide simple and meaningful choices that further enhance the CPF system to help current and future generations of CPF members to strengthen their retirement adequacy.

As NTUC Assistant Secretary General Cham Hui Fong puts it:

“The Labour Movement is happy that the Government has accepted the CPF Advisory Panel’s recommendations that are in line with our call to provide members with more options and flexibility in managing their CPF savings to better meet individuals’ retirement needs.”

The NTUC, through the years, has actively been calling on the government to enhance the CPF system to better meet the retirement needs of workers and is represented in the panel by Ms Sylvia Choo, Director, Special Duties , International Affairs Department.

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