The best of Pokemon GO in Singapore

Pokemon GO is really here, there, everywhere and well, we can’t fight it here in Singapore.

Here are some of my favourite ways the country has reacted to this game:

1. Love 97.2fm Pokemon song – over 1.3million viewsAnd you thought Love97.2fm was for the uncles and aunties.

2. The 1st car accident related to Pokemon GO?  Link13934818_1377478325602402_3558698255880099201_n

3. The teacher who certainly knows how to catch’em all 13962629_10154316556130930_1944520222845535024_n

4. The game of seduction just got a new twist 13895094_1455412274473756_2646555798066464409_n

5. Hougang feels like they are having a by-election rally13906899_10209052989735802_3437628986324357173_n

6. On the newest season of Walking Dead

I think it’s because somebody shouted “snorlax overhead”

7. Guess who is making the most money out of this ? Powerbank companies of course!13882174_1188267434526793_5896701602006407119_nBut of course we have people who chose to go bigger and better.

8. Because 2 is better than 1. In fact 3 is better.. Heck, why not 4?!f9334462-9b97-49bb-8deb-746693263404Go big or go home!

9. Looks like the police’s got some catching to do as well. 


Two men arrested for fighting over Pokemon GO

10. Singapore’s very own gold medal Magikarp f257ea7b-2ab5-4c81-8837-40109ea014fd

11. Some other local faces got Poke-fied too0b2ca087-0e34-440f-92b7-104a7a89bbd9


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