Can one be more Singaporean than another?

If you haven’t been living under a rock all these time, you should have heard/ read/ seen something about Singapore’s GOLD at the Rio Olympics by 21-year-old Joseph Isaac Schooling, who had beat Micheal Phelps in the 100m butterfly event.

Thanks to Schooling, the world now knows that Singapore actually exists as a country.


As much as we celebrate this momentous event (not to forget the many brands who have been quick to jump onto the bandwagon…), we also see how the Internet is abuzz with sentiments about true born-and-bred Singaporeans and the whole idea of being “purist.”

I’m not here to do a this vs that, but just to put together the facts,


And if you listen to Tao Li speak,


She sounds quite the Singaporean like your fellow neighbour at the kopitiam.

Perhaps even more so than Schooling?


Don’t get me wrong – I am every bit as proud about Schooling’s win (in fact, I tried to buy 5039 for Saturday’s 4D but it was sold out – what’s up with Singaporeans and record-breaking time?!) but I feel that as we celebrating his triumph, there is no need to put down other sportsmen and women just because of where they were born.

Because we do not have a choice to choose where we are born, but they made the choice to wear the Singapore jersey on their backs, to train day in and out for this country (I don’t know about you lah but I do IPPT also buay tahan already) and to ultimately, fight for this Singapore that we all call home.



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