Do foreign workers deserve better dormitories?

Migrant Worker


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Ministry of Manpower has announced four new conditions that factory-converted dormitories (FCDs) have to meet when seeking approval to use their industrial premises to house foreign workers.

  1. The provision of a feedback channel for workers to report issues related to the housing conditions of the FCD;
  2. The provision of a personal locker for each worker;
  3. The provision of at least one sick bay in the FCD. Alternatively, the operator can develop a contingency plan to deal with cases of infectious diseases;
  4. And the provision of Wi-Fi within the FCD.


In short, foreign workers can:

  1. complain about lousy living conditions
  2. have one locker each
  3. have a sick bay to rest in
  4. have Wi-Fi!!!


I’m not even sure if the title of the article should even be considered but apparently that’s the sentiment I’ve got from the snarky comments around..

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Faith in humanity, restored.


It already isn’t easy to be away for extended periods from your family and friends and moreover, their job isn’t exactly the cushiest around. Toiling away in the hot sun doing menial, laborious tasks… it is really the kinda job that most Singaporeans shun away from.

Yet, we have them to thank for our skyscrapers that have put us on the world map.

And more importantly, the houses that they have built for us to go home too.


P.S. I’m not even adding a poll for this post because what poll seriously?

They DO deserve better living conditions.


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