Singaporean guy decides to take English into his own hands

13620331_10153839875598105_1955048838067432001_nThe Internet, as usual, loved it.

If you are one of those guys who can’t get “your” or “you’re” right, or you still constantly tell your clients that you will “revert to them ASAP”, then this post is for you.

This brilliant gentleman Aaron Mak created what he calls the “AA’s Grammar Correction Stickers” where they correct common grammatical and pronunciation errors in Singapore with a pretty funny take.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 2.09.21 AM

His sticker collection actually started way back in 2013 and has garnered almost 5,000 shares to date.

Full Album here.


Is English something really that hard to master or are we just part of a perceived “mistake” in our education system and bilingual policy?

Would things be better for us if we are purely English-educated? Or as many have pointed out, Mandarin is equally – if not more – important given China’s recent rise? Hypothetically, does this mean that if North Korea were to rise in power, we would have to pick up Korean too?

Yet recently a friend told me that English is actually not that important in the workplace, considering how globalised our offices are these days. In the words of his CEO,

“This guy is from France while that guy is from Italy. You see that mate over there? He’s from Australia and you, my friend, is from Malaysia, isn’t it? English is nobody’s native language here so don’t worry about your poor spelling or grammar in this office. Nobody cares.”

How much truth do YOU think is there in the sentence above? Should we take English THIS seriously or should it be a case of “as long as we can communicate”?

Share your thoughts!

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