Why work so hard?

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I’m pretty sure what she said ain’t something new amongst your peers or people in the office. There will always be one, if not more, of such “negatrons” around.

But how much truth are there in these statements really?

According to a recent research done by specialist recruiter Robert Half, 57 per cent of Singaporean businesses have workers who are suffering from “inner resignation” – basically what I call the “going-to-office-but-not-going-to-work” syndrome.  You go to work but you are neither proud of your work nor your company… you are just there to collect the monthly pay check.

Results also shows that we are twice more likely to find such “working dead” in medium and larger-sized companies as compared to small businesses.  Why this difference? Could it be a case that because the organisation is so big you feel that your contribution doesn’t make a significant impact?

Is it simply a case of being placed in a wrong job or could there be deeper issues at the individual, organisation or even State level?

Also, you might want to know who this Xandria Ooi is… To be honest, I’ve no clue either but a quick search on the Internet reveals that she is apparently a writer, television host ,and producer based in Malaysia.

She also has several vlogs on her Facebook page but it seems that this is the only one that went this far. It has gotten her over 600,000 views within the first 24hrs. What does this mean? Did people share it because they agree with her claims?

Of course, everyone agreed and loved it. And why is that so?

Well, check out the full video below and find out for yourself.


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