Lower starting salaries for private school grads?


A poll shows that more than 70,000 Singaporeans who pursued degrees and diplomas through private education are lagging behind their peers who did their education at public universities in terms of both landing a job as well as lower starting salaries.


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no degree, no problem!

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you didn’t ask me but…


This guy speaks my mind. I didn’t come from a local university myself but I do agree that it is a matter of quality. The better students tend to go to the local university and while it might be difficult to accept this, it is the inevitable truth.

No doubt that being better students doesn’t automatically mean that they make better workers but I guess that is the reward for putting in more effort in their studies. Also, if you truly believe that you are a good worker and results will show, then a lower starting pay shouldn’t matter right?

Like you know, Drake? “Started from the bottom now we’re here?

aND OF COURSE, the solution to everything – cpf




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