Men in SCDF uniform having sex – What happened in the end?


If you have not watched read about the latest scandalous news in Singapore, here’s a quick (and dirty) summary:

  • A video of two men in SCDF uniform having sex has been circulating around Whatsapp and local forums.
  • According to reports, under the Films Act,  if found guilty of making or reproducing obscene films for the 1st time, these guys will face a fine of between S$20,000 and S$40,000 and a maximum jail sentence of two years.

pun level too damn high


I tried hard not to laugh at this.


Man in uniform man in man in uniform.


Well, someone had to put out the fire.


I guess one of them scored for the team.

you didn’t ask me but…


Image Credit: TodayOnline.

I would just quote our Minister Chan Chun Sing where he offered his personal opinion at the Polytechnic Forum 2016 held last Friday. (Which obviously I am wayyyy too old to attend)

“I’m not going to discriminate … (You’re free to do) whatever you do behind your bedroom doors … It’s not my problem. I’m not a sex policeman … But if you tell everyone to champion pro-LGBT or anti-LGBT (causes), it (might) cause social divisions, so (I have to step in) to be the policeman in the middle.”

I guess what he said is pretty relevant here. So the problem is not about what they did or even about the video they made. The problem is really,

Why did they get caught?

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