Should the minimum age for Class 3 license be raised to 21 years?

What happened?


  • A Nissan GTR driven by 18-year-old suspect crashes into Toyota car at the open-space carpark near Stadium Road

is age an issue here?

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this debate is not new

A quick search on the Internet will reveal that this is debate is not entirely new, having appeared as early as 2010 on some local forums. Not including those possibly dated earlier that can’t be found.

Is age the real factor here? Or should the focus be on the number of years that the driver has been driving before being allowed to drive a supercar?

Does this mean that supercars like GTR, Ferrari or the likes should be classified separately under Class 3D* and if that’s the case, what should be the criteria of being able to handle supercars?

Should it just be a matter of road experience or should there be separate tests specially for wannabe drivers of supercars?

*The reason why I suggested class 3D and not 3C^ is not because that I think the cars are fast and give off the 3D (dimension) effect but because 3C was already taken just a few months ago.


Should we raise the minimum age?

^What is a Class 3C license?

From CNA in May –

“The Class 3C licence will allow the holder to drive all Class 3 vehicles except light goods vehicles, mini vans and small buses. Drivers with foreign driving licence need to pass only the Basic Theory Test to convert the licence to Class 3C licence, it added.

There will also be a Class 3CA licence introduced at the same time, allowing holders to drive only automatic vehicles covered under the Class 3C licence. “

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