SMRT’s a Finalist in this year’s Human Resource Excellence Awards

A little background about the Human Resource Excellence Awards 

The HR Excellence Awards, Asia’s only regional awards recognising and celebrating excellence in human capital strategy and execution, honours high-calibre practitioners and organisations which have excelled in all areas of HR.

And let’s take a look at how SMRT is doing so far.

Finalist in the following categories:

  • Excellence in Compensation & Benefits Strategy
  • Excellence in Employee Healthcare
  • Excellence in Learning & Development
  • Employer of the Year

And how did this happen despite the rather unfair dismissal of two SMRT staff, especially when the Coroner’s Inquiry is due to be held only early next year.


Meanwhile the National Transport Workers’ Union (NTWU) has filled an appeal on Sept 19 to the management of SMRT against the dismissal of the two SMRT employees.

Not sure how this will affect their run at the Awards but well… SMRT are still in right?


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