5 food tools that will change your lives forever – Inclusive Growth Programme (IGP)

If you’re running your own bakery or cafe, here are 5 tools that will change the way you run your business and help your employees get home earlier (aka being more productive at work)!

1) Oven that reheats your wrap in 40 secs

Before you start thinking that this is no different from your home microwave, this is a high speed oven we’re talking about.

It doesn’t erode the quality of food like a microwave and is much faster than a traditional oven. Likeeeeee…10x faster. You can reheat your wrap in 40 secs.

You can use the time saved to serve another happy customer!

Approx. cost: S$6750

2) Mixer that blends 300kg of cheese in 2 mins

Ever wondered how Cat & the Fiddle can produce 60 to 80 cheesecakes an hour? That’s at least 1 cheesecake produced in 60 secs.

They use a massive machine that can mix 300kg of cheese in two mins.

The Founder, Daniel Tay, didn’t say which brand of mixer they use and it’s probably a trade secret. But we found this amazing machine that can hold up to 350kg worth of liquid.

Approx. cost: S$35,000 to S$125,000 per set (cheaper if you buy in bulk)

p.s. Image below is not a cheese mixer but it might entice you to get one.


3) Cake decorator that makes 4 cakes in 60 secs

Here’s a machine that allows us to make cakes faster than we eat them.

We heard it could make up to 70 cakes in 15 mins and decorate them too! That’s about 4 cakes in 60 secs.

How is that even possible? Take a look at the video below.

Approx. cost: S$13,000 (used)

4) Cake cutting machine that slices up to 100 cakes in 1 hour

Remember how your knife got stuck halfway while slicing a frozen cake?

And trying not to make a mess while cutting birthday cakes?

Well, nobody is going to complain if it’s a cake for your own consumption. But if you’re selling cakes as a living, the presentation is just as important as the taste!

If you produce 50 to 100 cakes in an hour, this ultrasonic cake cutter will save your life.

Approx. cost: S$97,000

5) Chocolate sprayer that sprays as fast as you like

Ever wondered how Krispy Kreme donuts are glazed with strips of white or dark chocolate? By hand or machine?

This sprayer is actually quite useful!

Approx. cost: S$3,500 (used)

Now if you’re dazzled by the tens of thousands for each machine, don’t start worrying about the hefty costs yet!

NTUC’s Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) has the Inclusive Growth Programme (IGP) which provides up to 50% funding for companies that want to drive higher productivity and help their employees to be better skilled.

If you need more advice on how to innovate your products or automate some processes, you can check out the Food Innovation & Resource Centre (FIRC) at Singapore Polytechnic.

They are currently working on a machine that can make kueh lapis which is very labour-intensive. If the process can be automated, this will free up worries of not being able to hire workers in the baking industry!

Innovation is about finding new ways to do old things.

Be the best employer by sharing productivity gains with your employees (more pay for them) and help them get home earlier!

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