Were the DDos attacks Starhub’s fault?



  • Starhub’s internet service was disrupted twice last week. (Of course if you are on Starhub, you should already know it lol.)
  • CTO Mr Mock, explained that this was a malicious distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on their domain name servers (DNS) caused by devices such as broadband routers and webcams.


  • You must be thinking you are using Windows or OS X and not DOS, so what the heck is DDoS?
  • In simple layman terms, a DDoS attack simply means that someone is creating so much “fake” activities till he jams the connection such that the provider has not enough bandwidth to service other users.
  • For more technical and detailed explanation, read this.

So? you got attacked is your problem. don’t make your problem mine.

Obviously that’s what most netizens think. Starhub getting DDOS attacks is hence a very weak excuse and it is unacceptable.

And then here come the conspiracy theorists,


I think Mr Chow needs to read the article again before commenting.


Yup. The solution is just THAT simple. Why didn’t Starhub think about it?


Simple logic for simple minds


I mean bill don’t wanna pay just don’t pay lor. But when connection got disrupted, don’t make noise lah. And also hor, gremlins don’t hack bank accounts.


What the heck are you talking about?


In case you are wondering…

I am not siding Starhub on this but I just feel that it’s really uncalled to put all the blame on Starhub. As much as I can understand that users have the rights to get angry that their connection got disrupted, I think we need to have better understanding of this issue before we just put all the blame on Starhub. Such attacks can happen to anyone and it sure ain’t just about updating the software or hiring more foreign workers.

And for those who didn’t read the article properly, Starhub did not blame the consumers either, they were simply trying to explain how it happened but I guess his idea got lost in translation.

And thank you for being understanding.



So… Is it still starhub’s fault?

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