License for power-assisted bicycles?


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Yet another car accident involving power-assisted bicycles aka e-scooters.  This time round, a 25-year-old man was declared dead on scene and two other men, aged 18 and 17 were warded into NUH. The 18-year-old died shortly after.

If you can’t remember the total number of cases of such accidents happened in recent months, a simple search on Google will show you enough to feel that it’s time the authorities do something about it. (Or at least that’s how I gathered from the search results.)

We might say that safety lies in our personal hands but unfortunately, statistic has shown that we might not be ready to be left in our own hands.

As much as some might argue that such vehicles should not even be on the road to begin with, it seems like riders are not exactly following the rules either. In fact, some might not even know in the first place that they are flouting rules.

Enforcing the need of licensing these vehicles might ensure that all users are aware of the basic road safety rules and regulation.  Like how we have to clear BTT and FTT before we can ride or drive on the roads. This will not only lower the chance of such accidents happening but it also provides better regulations for this new category of road users.

According to the most reliable source of information online – Wikipedia, most countries do not require specific license besides some states in USA which requires a M class license.

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Is it me or it feels like people who are against such regulations are users of such vehicles and simply prefer the easier way out?


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