This whole Olympic and Paralympic reward saga


  • 2016 has been a great year for Singapore’s sport scene.
  • It might still be a long way before we can fulfil the long overdue GOAL2010 dream, but both our Olympic and Paralympic swimmers have brought glory for the country with their own Gold medal(s) this year.
  • Para-swimmer Yip Pin Xiu will receive $400,000 for the two gold medals, while swimmer Joseph Schooling received $1 million for winning a gold medal.


Problem is that netizens haven’t been too happy about the disparity in the reward amounts. Some say that Yip’s contribution has been undermined and even till the extend that they felt that the system is discriminating our para athletes.

Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Grace fu has spoken

The rewards medal-winning athletes receive are decided by the Singapore National Paralympic Council (SNPC), Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC) and their sponsors.

“This is in line with the general convention that monetary rewards for competitions in sport are largely funded by private means through sponsorships, donations and product endorsements,” said Ms Fu.

“I encourage the SNOC and SNPC to review the schemes with their sponsors, and for more corporations to step forward to support SNOC and SNPC on the awards.”

In summary – This is SNOC and SNPC’s internal decision. She can only encourage them to review it. In other words, she also bo bian.


Seriously hor, I think these athletes did it for the love of the sports as well as to make the country proud. They did it to bring glory to the country and bring the people together and celebrate these moments as one united nation. I really doubt they are in it for the money. If we are really behind them, we shouldn’t be comparing them, complaining and making things difficult for our sports industry and investors.

It might not be a popular opinion but at the end of the day, many sponsors are still in it for monetary and other intangible returns. Market size plays a big part.

Above all, I think we should really focus on the glory they have brought home to Singapore.


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