Singapore’s very own Chatuchak?

WHAT happened?

  • Our current night markets, better known as “Pasar malams” ain’t exactly in the pink of health.
  • The Trade Fair Merchants’ Association proposed to raise $5 million funding, find a permanent site and turn it into a permanent fixture in Singapore.
  • They say this will not only serve the locals but also attract tourists as well.
  • To make things more enticing for tourists – hotels, beer markets, and even roller coasters ride are proposed to be added into the mix.

WHAT do our local business gurus have to say?

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I’m no guru but here are my 2 cents

From what we sense online, it seems like this isn’t exactly the most popular idea. Most wish to keep the “tradition” of it being near the heartlands mostly with the concerns of rising rental cost, despite the Trade Fair Merchants’ Association’s assurance that they will try to bring down the rental to as much as 30% as compared to what vendors are paying currently.

On my end, I’m guessing the reason behind this idea is simply because pasar malams aren’t doing as well in the heartlands anymore. These days, there are no lack of shopping malls in the heartlands and let’s not even talk about the accessibility of online shopping. With such strong competition, it is inevitable that it will be difficult for pasar malam stalls to build customer loyalty or attract returning customers especially since they are constantly moving around Singapore.

Additionally, if we were to look at the Night Markets of our neighbouring countries, such as the famous  Shilin night market in Taiwan, Petaling Street Flea Market in Malaysia, Women’s Street night market in Hong Kong, and Singaporeans’ favourite Chatuchak weekend market in Thailand… maybe this ain’t such a bad idea after all?

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