What Colours Are These Havaianas Flip-Flops?

In a throwback to that infamous blue-black/white-gold dress, a photo of a pair of Havaianas Flip-Flops circulated on Twitter.

The photo is now making its way into Facebook and WhatsApp debates over the colours of the flip-flops.

Havaianas Flip-Flops

A Buzzfeed poll showed an overwhelmingly high number of respondents voted the colours of the flip-flops as “white and gold”.

Havaianas Flip-Flops


In a classic example how things online aren’t always what they seem, Havaianas has quickly come out to clarify that the colours of the flip-flops are actually…

Blue and dark blue!

Buzzfeed Havaianas Flip-Flops colours


Moral of the story: Don’t trust every opinion poll you see.


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