Elected Presidency Race Criteria = Tokenism? These People Have A Different View…

Scrolling through various Facebook comments, it is common to see people of various races (especially the Chinese majority), calling out the racial criteria in the Elected Presidency a form of tokenism.

However, we spotted a few comments from minorities on various Facebook posts on mainstream media pages and even Bertha Henson’s wall which seemed to take a different perspective towards this new rule.

1. This is fair representation


Malay president tokenism


2.  having racial representation is logical


Malay president tokenism


3.  nothing wrong, but malay candidate must also be competent


Malay president tokenism


4. This is a positive and inclusive signal from govt


Malay president tokenism


5. As long as it’s not a new citizen


Malay president tokenism


6. why not Celebrate a more equitable distribution of power?


Malay president tokenism


7. Would you prefer the alternative?


Malay president tokenism


8. once seen, cannot unsee


Malay president tokenism


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