Singapore reacts to Trump’s triumph

What Happened?

America has voted. Trump won.

WHAT do Singaporeans think?

After the last Singapore GE2015 (coincidentally on 9/11), today on 11/9 we see everyone getting excited over yet another election… though this time round it has happened halfway around the world.


He might not be my friend on my Facebook or tell me all his secrets but I’m pretty sure he won’t be doing that.


This one has no faith.


This one has got his objectives set on ISIS.


Because they are the fast food nation after all.

And then we have the unhappy guys,



A wise man once told me not to believe everything you read,



Probably the shortest and clearest explanation of why Trump won…


We’ve got a winner.


You didn’t ask me but…

People have been going on and on about the crashing stock market and playing gypsy by predicting how bad America will now become.

To quote PM Lee,

US voters have elected a President whom they feel best represents them.

and I guess we can only wait to see how this unfolds eventually.

I know it is easy for me to say this since I’m not even American to begin with but well, we do have the next four years to see how he can make America great again.

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