Former workers go in search of their ex-colleague Ong Lay Kheng…

Photo credits: Straits Times

UPDATE: We got in touch with Mr Fong and unfortunately, he was told that Madam Ong passed away in 2010, leaving behind her husband and 2 sons in Toronto.

We all know how difficult and tedious it can be to locate someone whom we’ve lost contact with for ages. What with putting up notices on newspapers or going onto social media to crowdsource for help to search for someone whom they have lost contact with.

Ong Lay Kheng
Madam Ong Lay Kheng. Photo credits: Straits Times

This is exactly what 71 year-old Mr Fong Ah Ngow and a couple of his former colleagues have been experiencing in their search for a former colleague, Madam Ong Lay Kheng, whom they have been trying to locate for a while now.

Mr Fong and his ex-colleagues were former workers in Swan Socks Manufacturing Company.

According to a Straits Times report, Madam Ong is thought to have migrated to Canada with her husband in the 80s after most of the workers left the company around 1969.

Madam Ong (bottom right) together with a group of workers. Photo credits: Straits Times

Here’s whats known of Madam Ong as reported by the Straits Times:

  • She used to live in a block in Boon Keng which has since been demolished.
  • English-educated but was close to her Hokkien-speaking colleagues.
  • She was in charge of the yarn-winding and quality-control department at the factory in Jurong.

If you know of her whereabouts or are in contact with Madam Ong Lay Kheng, please get in touch with Mr Fong on WhatsApp on 9715-2045 or email him at [email protected]

“She was very helpful, quiet, well-respected… we all miss her.”
– mr Fong Ah Ngow



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