What’s so exciting about hiring 120 Taiwanese auxiliary police officers in Singapore?

Singaporeans got very excited over the news on Certis Cisco hiring up to 120 Taiwanese auxiliary police officers in Singapore.

A Channel NewsAsia Facebook post garnered more than 1,500 shares within 5 hours.

There are probably two reasons that can explain the hype – the nationality of the police officers as well as the salary of $2,675 a month coupled with accommodation. 

Well it’s definitely unusual to have Taiwanese auxiliary police officers in Singapore. For the longest time, we’ve been hiring from Malaysia.

But it’s not like they’re going to look like this (see below) so what’s the hoo-ha?

Also, isn’t it wise to spread your eggs in different baskets? Surely it’s better to diversify our options and hire from different sources. You know…just in case anything happens.

Secondly, the salary is not really that attractive compared to what Singaporeans are currently offered.

If you refer to the careers section in Certis Cisco’s website, they are offering $2,500 a month with a $15,000 bonus.

That’s actually more than what the Taiwanese will be paid. In the Channel NewsAsia report, it’s noted that they will only have $4,000 bonus at the end of the two-year contract.

Speaking of free accommodation, do you think Singaporeans will take up the job if they are offered a place like this (see below)?

Check out some of the more realistic comments by our fellow Singaporeans below.

Yup like our poor foreign workers.

Singaporeans shun jobs with shift work – it’s a fact.

Yup please read the job scope and terms very carefully.

Not so sure about the tai mei (pretty Taiwanese girls) part.


Thanks to the media that hyped up this piece of news, more Singaporeans will be applying to be an auxiliary police officer – a job that has been advertised for the longest time but has received poor response.

Don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  1. Certis Cisco win already. Probably they hire Taiwanese just for a advertise purposes. Now they just pay regular *high* pay to Taiwanese then saving advertise cost. But the people and social will advertise for them

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